Weloveit Team

Working together is more than following direction and keeping up with group dynamics. It's about creation, innovation and achievement pulled together by not one but all and loving what you do makes the effort worthwhile. At WELOVEIT studio we accommodate all your needs together and as a whole in order to bring you a refined product.


Anushi Lakshika : Miss McShyster

Graphic Designer

She is shy, she has no bone to pick with anyone and she is the perfect person to come up with various design ideas along with its implementation for the studio. She loves what she does and takes the cheerful banter hurled her way by her fellow co-workers with a shy smile and good faith. Some say that she might not have a malicious bone in her body and if the studio issued tickets to witness the spectacular event of her telling someone off, needless to say, we'd be good to pack up and move to the Bahamas for some sea sun and sand!

Mashroon Amanullah: Little Miss Sunshine

Project Coordinator

She loves a challenge, embraces new opportunities, meeting new faces and most importantly loves what she does. She is always cheerful and up for a healthy challenge. She is the multitasker of the organization and keeps track of ongoing projects along with acting as the unofficial secretary who notes down anything important that could easily slip someone else's notice. She keeps it real and we love her for it.

Charitha Waidyaratne: Go Getter

Business Development Executive

This dynamic individual brings in new leads and works tirelessly to broaden the market scope of WELOVEIT Studio. He loves what he does he said and then went on to say a lot more, most of which I couldn't keep up with. As you might have guessed, he is also the mouth of the organization. Every workplace should have one of him to ensure that the business aspect of the organization is in full blossom. He is also rarely afraid to share his opinion and thank god for him and for us, his opinions are more in order than his patience!

Dilakshan Dariju: Happy Go Lucky!

Chief Design Officer

He is crazy-creative, deliberant, perseverant and does it all with a smile. He is the Mr. Congeniality of the studio and is loved for his practicality and ability to handle a crisis in stride and with maximum efficiency. As chief design officer he is one of those rare individuals who always values anyone's contribution and gives them a chance to blossom. He has no problem sharing a projects success with those around him.

Mohamed Ziham: Size Doesn't Matter!

Chief Executive Officer

If there ever was anyone who relied on their personality along with their expertise to get the job done; it would be the CEO who everyone loves at WELOVEIT studio. He began with a dream of owning his own web design studio and making it a reality is and has always been his greater ambition. He loves what he does and it's catching; and proof of this would be the success of the studio in such a short period of time. This talented and driven individual has a heart to match the magnanimity of his dreams and always ensures that everyone and everything is in order and ready to go.

Mohamed Shafraz: Gadget Boy

Web Developer

He is a lean mean web developing machine who loves what he does with a passion while hiding another secret love from the world. You guessed it, he is a tech freak! In fact his Facebook profile should ideally describe him as 'enjoys long walks on the beach, having a good time and acquiring the latest gadgets in the market'. Hiding the intricacies of the developing world and showcasing the external product to the market is his forte and he is talented and creative in applying his expertise in that area.

Kanishka Maduranga: The Enlightened One

Application Developer

This young chap coins the phrase strong and silent. He is a calm and collected individual who rarely loses his cool and loves what he does. His eyes literally lit up when explaining the intricacies of application development and he has true passion for his occupation. He is also one of the first employees to be a part of the WELOVEIT team and has been stable and steadfast throughout.

Ruwini Perera: Miss Spunk

Project Coordinator

She is a cheerful, vibrant and fun loving person who is a fast learner and we love her at the studio! Her talent at her job coupled with her amiable disposition makes her an ideal coordinator for WELOVEIT studios project; Fashion Circle which keeps her on her high healed toes and up to date with the world of the runway. She is the latest addition to the team and loves what she does and we take all the credit for her ready smile and random humming at the workplace!

Digital Media Optimization

As the World Wide Web takes over marketing, you can't afford to let your competition get the better of you with imperfections and slipshod ideas. Make a lasting impression by herding in site traffic and revenue with the utilization of our professional SEO and SMO services.

Website Design & Development

We at WELOVEIT Studio use the finest tools to give your website the finesse it requires by staffing some of the most capable developers and designers in the field.

Print Design

Seeing is believing; and our innovative and creative print design solutions will succeed in unveiling your company's ideals and values on a visual platform in a legendary manner.

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